NZ Active Archives Project

Client: Archives New Zealand Location: Wellington, New Zealand Completed: 2013
Convergence was invited by Archives New Zealand to develop a proposal for the Active Archives project. Convergence seized the opportunity to develop a prototype from which to project the stories of rare and evocative documents and objects into the contemporary world. Acknowledging that the display system would be judged on the contemporary relevance of the archival documents as well as their impact on the visitor, Convergence proposed a solution which would embrace the individual’s emotions – curiosity, respect, wonder, and a sense of shared past. The records and story of Archibald Baxter, one of New Zealand’s best known conscientious objectors were used to illustrate a display system which integrated the highest conservation standards with an engaging and theatrical system. The form of the prototype was specific to Baxter’s story and referenced the unease between the subject’s moral stand and the ferment of war.