Museo Italiano

Client: CoAsIt Location: Carlton, Vic, Australia Completed: 2010, Stage 2 Current Photography: David Pidgeon

The Museo is ‘jewel like’ both in scale and realisation. It combines an innovative mix of artefacts and multimedia to provide a journey of empathy and discovery. This bi-lingual exhibition encourages visitors to make insightful links with the experiences of migrants and their descendants. Set within the Italian precinct of Carlton, the Museo invites all visitors, to interact with a range of media, enabling them to leave their personal responses to the history and stories presented.

Jenni Klempfner developed the interpretative framework and content overview for this new museum. Convergence (in association with Content Studio) oversaw the exhibition design and development and the architectural refurbishment required to create a new museum exploring the impact of Italian Migration on the culture and make up of Carlton and Melbourne – Museo Italiano is the result.

Museo Italiano was awarded the 2011 Museums Australia (Vic) Archival Survival Award for Small Museums. Eight years after opening, Convergence have been contracted to update the visitor experience with new content and multimedia delivery.

This is a fine example of how a museum appeals as an authentic experience for both local [Italian] and the broader community. This museum celebrates a specific and distinct part of Melbourne’s history as well as contemporary life as a living museum

2011 Museums Australia Archival Survival award citation
Italian-Australians have developed a unique culture by relating their traditions, knowledge and customs to local contents and values. Museo Italiano shares the living history and culture created by Italians in Australia and interprets its contemporary relevance.