Colin Jack-Hinton Maritime Gallery Reinterpretation and Concept Plan

Client: Northern Territory Government Location: Darwin ,NT, Australia Completed: 2018
The Maritime Gallery at the Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory’s main Fanny Bay campus house a significant and unique collection of working and ethnographic vessels of Australian, South East Asian and Oceanic origin. The vessels were presented in an inhospitable environment with minimal information and no cohesive narrative. Convergence developed a new interpretative narrative and related concept design to guide the renewal and improvement of the gallery. The narrative and concept design together convey the overarching relationships and meanings inherent in the objects on display and reinforce the visual and conceptual relationships between the watercraft, the people who sailed them and the journeys that brought them into MAGNT’s collection. They provide a rationale for visitor flow, interaction and engagement within the gallery. Concept drawings produced as part of this project form the basis for a funding pitch to enable the realisation of the gallery refurbishment.