Trainworks NSW Rail Heritage Centre

Client: Railcorp NSW Location: Thirlmere, NSW, Australia Completed: 2010
Convergence conceived, developed and documented the exhibits for the Rail Heritage Centre at Thirlmere. The project included briefing for a new purpose built exhibition hall for the display of heritage locomotives rolling stock and the development and documentation of accessible platforms and exhibits for approximately 60 assorted locomotives and associated rolling stock displayed in external “Stabling Yards”. Convergence developed key exhibits which explored all aspects of the railways in four overarching thematic narratives designed to link exhibits across the site – Rail for the People, Working on the Railways, On the Rails and Opening up New South Wales. A multimedia and object theatre style presentation ‘The Great Rail Show’ tells the story of the development of the NSW Railways – their building, operation and impact on the daily lives of most of the NSW population through the “eyes” of a small locomotive the Cardiff 1021 which has worked on many parts of the NSW rail network. External exhibits and pathways distribute visitors around the site to the Workshops and turntable at one end of the site and to the Heritage Thirlmere Station, from where regular excursions on a rail motor depart.