The Powerhouse Concept Plan – the Workshops Railway Museum

Client: Queensland Museum Location: Ipswich, QLD, Australia Completed: 2007
Convergence was commissioned by The Workshops Rail Museum – The Queensland Museum to develop a new permanent interactive exhibit in the heritage listed Power House on the Workshops site. The Powerhouse is among the first electric power generating facilities built in Australia and as such is an important part of the heritage infrastructure on the museum site and in Queensland. The powerhouse used four coal fired boilers to produce steam to turn the generators which provided power to the rail workshops. The exhibition has three sections; a highly interactive exhibition examining electricity, a tour through the tunnels, towers and buildings of the Powerhouse which has a high degree of theatre incorporated and a spectacular sound and light show in the boiler house. The exhibition is expected to be a key attractor to the museum and is aimed at young children and family groups.