Queensland Science Centre

Client: Queensland Museum Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia Completed: 2017
The Queensland Museum’s Science Centre, which attracts over 200,000 visitors per year, focuses on the presentation and enhancement of STEM learning. In 2017 Convergence was selected as one of four interpretative design groups to respond to the museum’s competition design brief to refurbish the centre. Our response proposed a highly interactive approach where, through play, visitors would be free to be curious, make observations and ask questions about their world. The exhibition space was divided into four zones each of which covered a core area of the STEM program. The zones were arranged around a giant Möbius strip, a twisted rectangular shape which obviously should have two sides but appears to have only one. The Möbius strip provided articulation to a space where, as in science, each part is individual and distinct yet interrelated to the other. Additionally the Möbius strip acted as an organising feature, streaming school groups around the space, housing exhibits and enclosing a central presentation space, the Science Bar, featuring a large video wall, and a Maker Zone where visitors could collaboratively share their thinking and apply STEM skills in the gallery before taking them out into the world.