Nocturnal House, Werribee Zoo

Client: Werribee Open Range Zoo, Zoos Victoria Location: Werribee, VIC, Australia Completed: 2012
Zoos Victoria coordinates the captive breeding program for the Eastern Barred Bandicoot, a highly endangered ‘ambassador’ species. One of the aims of the captive breeding program is to increase community awareness and support for endangered species, hence the Zoo planned a ‘soft release enclosure’ and nocturnal house which would allow the Zoo’s youngest visitors to engage with this and other endangered species. Convergence's interpretation for the Nocturnal House included viewing platforms that allowed Zoo visitors to connect with the bandicoots’ basalt plains environment and internal viewing enclosures for this and other tiny, shy nocturnal creatures along with multimedia and ‘body-in’ interactives to enable Zoo visitors to further engage with the marsupials and the Zoo’s conservation message.