Georges Head and Headland Park

Client: Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia Completed: 2005
Convergence developed the interpretation plan for the former defence lands on Georges Head around Sydney Harbour. The plan takes an all inclusive view of interpretation including the significance of the site’s Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, surviving built heritage and stories surrounding the military sites, dating from as early as 1803, and its geology, flora and fauna. It uses multilayered interpretative techniques including walking trails, markers and lookouts through to more active interpretation and interpretative play areas for children and families. An important component of the plan was the identification of buildings and landscaped areas that could be adapted and rejuvenated for use as restaurants, accommodation, offices, parks and gardens, community and recreational facilities. Many areas were identified for revegetation. Central to the plan was the notion of how the interpretation could serve a number of functions for the visitor – creating awareness, orientation and circulation and provide experience or information. Interpretation was seamlessly “built in” to all elements of the park to ensure that it was implicit rather than explicit.